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With the great surge in c-sections being performed in the US, there are finally books being published about c-sections in general and recovery in specific.  I have also included other books you may be interested including books about breastfeeding and coping with postpartum depression.
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The Essential C-Section

 Guide GreenDot  The Essential C-Section Guide: Pain Control, Healing at Home, Getting Your Body Back, and Everything Else You Need to Know About a Cesarean Birth This book, published in June of 2004, covers everything from the basics of c-section procedures to information about side effects and all aspects of recovery afterwards. Written by two journalists who both have had c-sections themselves, this book is a good first stop both for women who know they will be having a c-section as well as those who unexpectedly had one after an attempt at a natural delivery.

Lose Your

 Mummy Tummy GreenDot   Lose Your Mummy Tummy Written by R.N., personal trainer, fitness instructor and childbirth educator Julie Tupler it details how to get rid of you mummy tummy (her term). A fresh approach that actually explains why it is hard to get your tummy flatter after having a baby. Detailed photos showing how to do exercises. Includes a special section which addresses issues for those recovering from c-sections. I liked the tone of the book as well as the step by step approach. Instead of a laundry list of exercises to do, the book explains how to gradually work your way through the 'Tupler Technique'. Explains clearly why doing a million crunches *won't* get your tummy flat after you have had a baby.

Cesarean Recovery Cesarean Recovery (written by a personal trainer) This book was written by a personal trainer and subsequently focuses on an exercise program to bring the post c-section mom from the hospital through to regaining her pre-pregnancy body. It also has brief sections on breastfeeding, emotional issues and a basic overview of the surgery itself. Great photos of women doing the exercises along with clear guidelines of when to progress to each level of exercise.

Cesarean Section:

 Understanding and Celebrating Your Baby's Birth Cesarean Section: Understanding and Celebrating Your Baby's Birth (strong medical focus) Written by two doctors, this book is very focused on the medical point of view. It has extensive coverage of reasons for, details and risks of c-sections. With only seven pages on at home recovery and five pages on postpartum depression (there is a much bigger section on contraception which seems a bit out of place with the rest of what this book is trying to cover) - I would not recommend this book for the mom looking for advice and help for c-section recovery. If you are looking for basic medical theory on the why and how of c-sections - this book may be just fine.

This Isn't What I Expected This Isn't What I Expected : Overcoming Postpartum Depression Thorough coverage of postpartum depression including symptoms, treatment options and stories from other mothers to reassure you that you are not alone. You are not the first mother to feel this way.

What If

 I Have a C-Section? What If I Have a C-Section? This book is geared mostly to the curious pregnant mom who wants to be prepared in case she has a c-section. Chapter 2 (On the Big Day) and Chapter 3 (Recovering Quickly) provide 40 pages of information of interest to those about to have or recovering from a c-section. The rest of the book covers why one might have one, information about deciding to have a c-section and what you can do to avoid having a c-section. Good coverage of basics of recovery and includes tips and personal stories. 

Mothering the New Mother Mothering the New Mother: Women's Feelings and Needs After Childbirth a Support and Resource Guide A fabulous resource for the new mom and those who want to do their best to support her. While this book does not have a special focus on cesarean moms, it is still a great resource for all the rollercoster ride which is becoming the mother of a new baby.
Womanly Art of Breastfeeding The Womanly Art of Breasfeeding The La Leche League classic handbook. Includes some information specifically for mom's recovering from cesareans. Also has good diagrams and lots of supporting information explaining all the ways that breastfeeding is good for you and your baby.
Spilled Milk Spilled Milk : Breastfeeding Adventures and Advice from Less-Than Perfect Moms In the introduction, the author says she wanted to write a book that would read like a middle of the night support group from mom's who have been there - for mom's in the midst of breastfeeding. A great read - and very supportive of whatever choices you need to make. Includes stories from other cesarean moms.
The Nursing Mother's Companion The Nursing Mother's Companion, Fifth Revised Edition A great book with all the basics - as well as an extensive troubleshooting section. Good to have on hand for reference - even if this isn't your first time breastfeeding.

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