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C-Section Recovery: Pamper the New Mom

The new mom recovering from a c-section needs extra pampering. She isn't just working hard at being a great mom - she is also healing from major surgery. This page has a few ideas of how to treat her to the special pampering she deserves - but don't stop here. Anything that will help her remember that she is a fabulous person beyond being a fabulous mom will do a world of good. You don't have to buy her something - try these ideas:

Give her the gift of time. Offer to sit with her baby while she naps, has a long bath or gets out of the house. All new moms will appreciate this - but the mom recovering from a c-section needs to work harder to get time for herself while her body recovers from the surgery.

If you can't give her a break yourself, check into hiring her a Postpartum Doula.

Cook her family a meal or two. Offer to do the laundry. Put out the garbage. Vacuum. Take her older kids out for pizza. You get the idea! Just give her a break from some of the other things that c-section moms wish they could take care of (or sometimes try to before they should).
PajamaGramsforNewMoms are a fun way to send a special present for the mom, just when she needs to be reminded how much everyone believes in her and loves her. She will get your choice of nursing pajamas beautifully wrapped in a keepsake box. Unusual, thoughtful and certainly memorable.

C-Section Recovery Kit: Each kit includes a combination of products selected to support and ease a mother's recovery from a c-section.

Fresh Fruit or Gift Basket
Send a new mom and her family something they can eat without any preparation. This is an especially nice gift if you are too far away to bring a casserole over to put in her freezer. Pick out a gift basket or a fruit of the month club and the whole family will thank you.

She might not have time to read books for a while - but magazines that come to her door are a fun treat to look forward to - buy her subscriptions to her favorite magazines:

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