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General C-Section Information: Websites and books which cover many topics related to c-sections. Often more concerned with c-sections in general rather than specifically focused on recovery, these sites are still a great first stop to learn about c-section and to get answers to basic questions. Postpartum Doulas: You may have heard of doulas who help laboring mothers through their delivery. Less well known are 'postpartum' doulas who can be hired to come to your home and support a recovering mother.
Emotional Recovery and Postpartum Depression: Not sure if you are just having the 'baby blues', or in the grips of something much more serious? Love someone who is recovering from a c-section and having a hard time sorting through the complex emotions many women experience? See this topic page for help sorting it all out. Exercise After C-Section: Wondering when you can start exercising? How do you get your body back? See this page for books, dvds and tips for excercising after a c-section.
Breastfeeding: Breastfeeding can be a greater challenge for those recovering from a c-section. See this page for tips and resources to help you succeed.
Medical and Statistical Information: Are you the type who wants all the medical details? Looking for statistics about cesareans or the latest research? See this page for links to the best medical resources, statistics and books out there.
Pamper the New Mom: The new mom recovering from a c-section needs extra pampering. She isn't just working hard at being a great mom - she is also healing from major surgery. See this page for ideas on how to support her healing.

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